PMII chairman calls on activists to be creative and innovative

Sab, 29 Januari 2022 | 09:42 WIB

PMII chairman calls on activists to be creative and innovative

Muhammad Abdullah Syukri (Gus Abe).(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PMII) Muhammad Abdullah Syukri (Gus Abe) emphasized that in today's industrial revolution 4.0 era, changes had occured rapidly and were difficult to predict.


"We as activists are also required to be more creative and innovative," said Gus Abe at the launch of the Talent Incubation Management program held by the Jakarta's PMII Branch Coordination Board (PKC), at the Youth Movement of Ansor's Hall, Jalan Kramat. Raya 65 Central Jakarta, on Friday (28/1/2022).


He also appreciated the Jakarta's PKC PMII which held the talent incubation management program, hoping that this program could be imitated by all PKCs and PMII branch boards  throughout Indonesia. Because there are three major issues faced by PB PMII, namely digitalization, internationalization, and professionalism.


"We as PMII activists in the district, commissariat, branch, PKCs, central board are economists, education experts, agricultural experts, and so on. On the one hand we have a strong commitment to religion and nationality, but on the other hand we have qualified skills," he said.


He expected PMII cadres to have a mentality about progress, in terms of economy, education, and culture. In addition, from the launch of the program, Gus Abe hoped that there would be benefits that could be taken.


"Of course, the hope is that it can be supported by the pentahelix approach, namely that we as community and youth organizations will collaborate with the government, the private sector, the media, and of course with academia. This will become a good circle to create a good governance cycle for the Republic of Indonesia," he said.


Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Jakarta's PKC PMII Rizki Abdul Rahman Wahid said that the challenges ahead were very tough. One of them is about human resource management in PMII.


He has anxiety about the talent deficit currently being faced by millennials, especially at Jakarta's PMII  with a large number of cadres and disciplines drawn from various fields.


"From this anxiety, we the Jakarta's PKC PMII today launched talent incubation management event and seminars filled with competent speakers in their fields. The goal is to put the right people in the right positions," explained Rizki.


Talent Incubation Management program is a special assignment program for talented cadres and members to be formed into outstanding people so that they could give birth to new figures who are experts in their fields. Furthermore, PMII cadres and members are expected to be able to make a more real contribution to Jakarta.


"So in this program, there are five talents. First, transformational da'wah management. Second, graphic design. Third, digital marketing. Fourth, company management. Fifth, financial management," he said.


These efforts are made so that the cadres and members of the Jakarta's PMII receive training, guidance, apprenticeship, and professional certification. He hoped that the Jakarta Provincial Government could be present to collaborate from beginning to end.


"We hope that the Jakarta government can be present to make this activity successful by collaborating, from training, apprenticeship, to distribution in various sectors," he said.


The cooperation and collaboration with PMII was also welcomed by the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, who was present at the launch of the talent incubation management program. He then emphasized that PMII activists could become entrepreneurs and not only be active in politics.


"Don't all of these activists go into politics. Don't all become members of the House of Representatives, regional heads. You have to be entrepreneurs. If you've become an entrepreneur, you can go anywhere. The point is, be a useful human being," said Riza.


The launch of the Talent Incubation Management program was followed by a seminar attended by the Head of Sub-Directorate of Human Resources of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Ruchman Basori, Commissioner of PT Pos Indonesia Addin Jauharuddin, President Director of Talenthub of the Ministry of Manpower Ahmad Luthfi, and Lecturer of the Manpower Polytechnic Moch Aly Taufiq.


Reporter: Aru Lego Triono

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq