The 11 Groups Prophet Muhammad Saw During Isra' and Mi'raj

Rab, 23 Februari 2022 | 19:31 WIB

The 11 Groups Prophet Muhammad Saw During Isra' and Mi'raj

The 11 Groups Prophet Muhammad Saw During Isra' and Mi'raj

Jakarta, NU Online
Prophet Muhammad (saw) was guided by Allah swt from Masjidil Haram to Masjidil Aqsha, and continued to Sidratul Muntaha accompanied by the Angel Jibril as. Last night's event provided an important experience for Rasulullah (saw) because he was able to meet many people with various characters.

At least, the Prophet Muhammad saw 11 groups of people in that special event. This was explained by Sheikh Najmudin Al-Ghaithi in his book entitled Dardir Miraj.

First, people who love to give alms. The Prophet saw that this group often harvested the crops he had just planted. Once harvested, the plant grew back. So on until their harvest was abundant. They are the ones who spend their wealth in the way of Allah. Allah will replace things that are infused in His way.

Second, those who have always adhered to the religion of Allah. At that time, the Prophet smelled something fragrant. When he asked Jibril, the fragrant smell came from the large family of Masyitah who was cooked alive by Fir'aun because he did not want to acknowledge him as God.

Third, those lazy people in doing five obligatory prayers. At that time, the Prophet saw a group of people whose heads were broken and intacted repeatedly. The Prophet was so compassionate to see them. Jibril explained to him, those people do not pray five daily basic prayers. That is the punishment that will be received by those who are lazy to perform the five daily obligatory prayers on the day of retribution later.

Next, those who refuse to give alms. They were seen by the Prophet eating dhari’ (dry and thorny trees), zaqqum (plants that taste bitter), and hot stones.

The Prophet also saw adulterers who preferred other women to their wives. This group of people was described at the time as people holding tender meat and rotten meat. But the people chose to eat rotten meat instead of the tender meat they brought. These people, according to Jibril, are people who prefer to sleep with other women even though he has a legal wife.

Furthermore, the groups that the Prophet saw on the journey were the robbers or thieves. Prophet Muhammad saw this group as wood in the middle of the road. When someone passed the road, the person was burned because of the wood.

The seventh group the Prophet saw were those who ate usury. Prophet Muhammad saw witnessed the parable of this group as people swimming in a river full of blood.

Power-hungry people became the eighth group that the Prophet Muhammad saw on the journey. Rasulullah saw a group of people carrying firewood on their shoulders. People who belong to this group continue to add more firewood that they have been carrying, even though they are not strong enough to carry it.

Meanwhile, the ninth group is the preachers who do not practice their religious speech. These preachers were seen by the Prophet as a group of people whose tongues and mouths were cut off by iron scissors. Once cut, their mouths and tongues grow back and cut repeatedly.

The event is a parable for the preachers who are capable to talk and orate but not practicing their religious speech for themselves.

The blasphemers became the tenth group that the Prophet Muhammad saw in the journey of Isra 'Mi'raj. At that time, the Prophet saw a group of people with long copper nails. They clawed their faces with the nails. According to Jibril, they are a group that slander the deeds of others, but they do those deeds.

The last group is provocateurs. At that time, the Prophet Muhammad saw a cow coming out of a small hole. However, the cow was unable to return to the hole because it was too big. According to Jibril, it is a parable for the Prophet Muhammad's people who did provocations that caused a big problem. When those people realized what had been done, they were not able to solve the big problem.

Reporter: Nuriel Shiami Indi R

Editor: Muhammad Faizin