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Alissa Wahid reveals seven social sins destroying human life

Alissa Wahid reveals seven social sins destroying human life
Alissa Wahid. (Photo: NU Online)
Alissa Wahid. (Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The National Coordinator of the Gusdurian Network, Alissa Wahid, said that in life there were seven social sins that could damage human life. Citing the stataments made by Mahatma Gandhi, she said the seven ones could damage human civilization.


"They are politics without principle, science without humanity, wealth without hard work, worship without sacrifice, fun without conscience, education without character, and trade without morality," Alissa said in a dialogue entitled 'Instilling Tawhid in Children' through the YouTube channel Abu Marlo, here on Tuesday (13/7).


She said that all this had happened and was very close to people's daily lives. For example, in cases of domestic violence (KDRT) having an impact on increasing divorce rates. Often the background that is used as an excuse by related parties is a lack of religious education.


"In cases like that, when asked what the cause was, many of the head and extension officers of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) answered that there was a lack of religious education," the Secretary of the Family Welfare Institution (LKK) of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) said, adding that the answer should not have been given in response to this. Because, when viewed widely nowadays religious events could be easily accessed through various social media platforms.


"But why are there so many problems like this happening around us," the social humanitarian activist said.

Alissa emphasized that the answer is that there are not a few religious leaders who interpret monotheism in religion only through rituals of worship, making them taboo in interpreting the nature of monotheism itself.


"Whereas, the five daily prayers, zakat, and others. All this is an expression of monotheism,” the Gus Dur's eldest daughter said.


According to Alissa, the monotheism is when ones emphasize themselves as servants before Allah by believing and not associating any partners with Him. Because it is a manifestation of the oneness of God.


"Making Allah as the source is monotheism," the woman whose full name is Alissa Qothrunnada Munawwaroh said, adding that in religion, man's monotheism towards God could not be interpreted as merely performing worship rituals. Humans, who are naturally social creatures, are responsible for building a life together.


"If we call ourselves servants of Allah, then we must remember that on this earth we are given the role of caliph fil 'ardl (caliphate on earth)," Alissa said.


Contributor: Syifa Arrahmah

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq