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Thousands of santri participate in LAZISNU vaccination

Thousands of santri participate in LAZISNU vaccination
Vaccination program.(Photo: NU Online)
Vaccination program.(Photo: NU Online)

Pasuruan, NU Online

Around a thousand santri (students) of the Bayt al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School (pesantren), Pasuruan City, East Java participated in the vaccination program, Tuesday (7/9/2021). The program was carried out thanks to the collaboration of NU Care-LAZISNU and Indomaret through a vaccination program for santri and students.


The program which was held at the boarding school under the leadership of KH Nailur Rohman (Gus Amak), who is also the Chairman of the PCNU of Pasuruan, was witnessed virtually by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.


In his remarks, President Jokowi reminded that although the number of Covid-19 spreads continued to decline, the public must continue to adhere to health protocols.


The Mayor of Pasuruan, Saifullah Yusuf, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to NU Care-LAZISNU and Indomaret for participating in the success of the vaccination program at the Bayt al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School, Pasuruan City.


"This vaccination is a collaboration of all parties, the government, NU and the private sector. So the government has provided vaccines, the private sector can provide others such as additional nutrition for participants or others," said Syaifullah Yusuf.


"Thank you for your participation, I convey to NU Care-LAZISNU and Indomaret for vaccination activities in Pasuruan City," he added.


The person in charge of the NU Care-LAZISNU and Indomaret Cooperation, Slamet Tuharie said, the vaccination program was part of the implementation of the Indomaret customer donation distribution program for the April-June 2021 period.


Previously, a similar activity was held by NU Care-LAZISNU and Indomaret on August 31 at the At-Turmudzi Islamic Boarding School, Pangandaran.


"After in Pangandaran and in Pasuruan, the vaccination will still be held in several areas in Indonesia," said Slamet.


The vaccination program was also attended by the Pasuruan Deputy Mayor, Pasuruan City Police Chief, Pasuruan Kodim, Treasurer of NU Care-LAZISNU PBNU, Chairman of NU Care-LAZISNU East Java, Chairman of PCNU Pasuruan, Branch Manager of Malang's Indomaret and Deputy Branch Manager of Malang's Indomaret Operations.


Create herd immunity

The vaccination aims to help accelerate the formation of herd immunity or group immunity. Quoted from the who.int, herd immunity is a process that can protect a population from viruses through immunization, if a certain immunization threshold is reached. This process is very helpful, as it can make the disease save lives.


The vaccination for students is part of services to pesantren. If the santri are free from Covid-19, efforts to protect the kiai (clerics) and leaders of the pesantren will be easily realized.


Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq