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Intelligence patterns and performance of NU clerics

Intelligence patterns and performance of NU clerics

Ahead of the 10 November 1945 battle, Kyai Abbas from Buntet, Cirebon, formed a pesantren spying network stretching from Cirebon to Surabaya. In this network stretch, coordination among the ranks of the Mujahideen lines (supreme "mustasyar" council of both Hezbollah and Sabilillah) could be established (in this regard honestly, I did forget the reference). <>

In fact, Mbah Hasyim (Asy'ari) in a crucial phase ahead of the outbreak of the battle had not issued a decision yet, but after first coordinating with Kiai Abbas.
Kiai Wahid Hasyim was equally the same as he brilliantly performed espionage tasks. Kiai Wahid had a santri named Yusuf acting as a liaison and confidential courier. The Yusuf's performance was recognized by KH. Saifuddin Zuhri. During the independence war, Kiai Saifuddin engaged in guerrilla and stayed at a senior cleric's house in a remote area. Surprisingly, Yusuf, the Kiai Wahid Hasyim's courier could successfully sniff his trail. Yusuf was the key liaison networking cadres who were fostered by Kiai Wahid Hasyim bin Mbah Hasyim Asy'ari. Yusuf was eligible to be honored as Laison Officer.
Kiai Wahid Hasyim, the KH Abdurrahman Wahid's father, in the era of the war of independence did not reached the age of 35 years, but he could show his above-average potential. Hussein alias Tan Malaka, a figure that was most hunted by the Dutch intelligence service (SAD - PID) and Japanese military intelligence, some times visited the residence of Kiai Wahid. 

Regarding the intelligence science, Kiai Wahid told Kiai Saifuddin Zuhri: " Although I am not a great leader, I have a thousand eyes' less a hundred' and a thousand ears less a hundred". That means, according to Kiai Saifuddin Zuhri, the leader must have a thousand eyes and a thousand ears. The leader must see and hear more through the various channels that are not owned by anyone.
Then, in the world of espionage is not there such a term 'Safe House'? Of course Kiai Wahid and his network had 'Safe Houses', among them: the house of Kiai Abdurrazaq in Mampang, the one of Kiai Muhammad Naim in Cipete, the one of Kiai Hasbiallah in Mender, the one of Kiai Baqir in Rawabangke, and others.
Why should their Safe Houses be in Jakarta? Was this not the same as suicide because Jakarta was occupied by the Dutch? No, Kiai Wahid was cleverly using the Stalinist Communist theory, "If we are thieves who are hunted by the police, the safest place to hide is the police office!"
Kiai Saifuddin Zuhri, who was educated by Kiai Wahid, could only be amazed to see his mentor strategy. 

And Allah knows best