US Ambassador Visit PBNU, Discuss International Cooperation

Rab, 2 Maret 2022 | 13:41 WIB

US Ambassador Visit PBNU, Discuss International Cooperation

US Ambassador Visit PBNU, Discuss International Cooperation

Jakarta, NU Online
The United States (US) Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Y Kim visited the Executive Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) headquarters, Kramat Raya Street 164, Central Jakarta, Monday (1/3/2022).

During the visit, Ambassador Kim was greeted directly by the General Chairman of PBNU KH Yahya Cholil Staquf (Gus Yahya). Kim conveyed his intentions to the Head of the PBNU regarding cooperation between the two parties, especially about finding solutions to current international issues.

"This afternoon we received a visit from His Excellency the American Ambassador Sung Y Kim to discuss many things related to international issues and NU's cooperation with various institutions in the United States because we all have the same belief regarding the international dynamics that are developing today," said Gus Yahya in the Press Conference after the meeting on the 2nd Floor, PBNU Building.

Furthermore, Ambassador Kim expressed his gratitude for the welcome given by Gus Yahya. He also gave appreciation to Gus Yahya for his election as General Chairman of PBNU for the 2022-2027 period.

"I am honored by the welcome for our arrival this afternoon and congratulate KH Yahya who has been elected as the General Chairman of PBNU," said Kim.

"Thank you KH Yahya for cooperating with the United States to promote moderate and tolerant Islam," he added.

On that occasion, Gus Yahya emphasized that NU would continue to contribute and find solutions to existing international problems. He also acknowledged that the United States had power and an important role in this issue.

"NU wants to contribute efforts to find solutions to existing international problems. And the United States is the most important international actor in this regard," he said.

“There is no problem in the world today can be solved without America's involvement. Its is very interested for NU being able to establish relations and cooperate with America," Gus Yahya continues.

"Hopefully the relationship with the Honorable Ambassador Kim can continue with closer cooperation between Nahdlatul Ulama and the United States," he hoped.

Build peace world

Previously, it was informed thatGus Yahya had visited America in July last year. His visit was an NU's involvement in realizing world peace.

One of the Gus Yahya's agenda at that time was holding a Summit with the Muhammad Mosque Community or also known as The Nation's Mosque, namely the African-American Muslim community whose ancestors were enslaved in America centuries ago.

The conference entitled Building a Global Alliance Founded Upon Shared Civilizational Values.

Reporter: Nuriel Shiami Indiraphasa
Editor: Muhammad Faizin